Indonesia, Hinakos Islands

Asu si trova nelle isole Hinakos, fuori dalla costa di Nias, in Nord Sumatra, Indonesia. La zona e' meno affollata delle isole Mentawai e Asu e Bawa ospitano alcune onde world class e 4 altri secret spots. Durante la stagione di surf (aprile-ottobre) questa regione e' piu' esposta rispetto a Mentawai, Telos o Banyaks. Probabilmente una delle ultime frontiere surf in tutto il mondo, con garanzia di onde meno affollate rispetto alla Mentawai, con un massimo di 15 persone in line up e, a volte potete surfare del tutto soli! Spots consigliati a surfisti intermedi o esperti. Di fronte al resort rompe l'onda di Asu, sinistra con tubi e pareti verticali di 200 metri! Possiamo anche organizzare surf trips per Nias e offriamo servizio di photo/video session.



it s a perfect, consistent left hand wave that works on all tides, big and small swells, and south wind conditions. Asu is a unique wave. From 2-8 feet, it is a perfect very fun wave peeling over coral reef. For the surfer, Asu provides the opportunity to improve your surfing. At 4-5 feet, Asu becomes more challenging and starts to barrel from the take off, offering more power and lip for doing maneuvers and getting barreled. When get’s 6-12 feet, it becomes a tube on the take off, and two more barrel sections in some waves, intense walls. Over 8 feet, is needed a little more experience.


Great option in north winds days with a south swell. Ideal for those who want empit solid waves on their own.


Right hander neighboring Bawa Island, friendly up to 8 feet, with 2 perfect sections with barrels and rip able walls.. 



Deep water slab, located between Asu and Hinako Island, provides short and challenging tuberides with a rippable end section.



Rippable and short right hander, located near Sirombu harbour, its is best for beginners surfers. (occasional barrel section).



At 40-50 minutes from Asu, this peeling left hander on Nias mainland offers incredible tube riders with rippable walls. 



At 30-40 minutes from Asu. This “SUPER PERFECT” right hander can provide challenging barrels rides. Works on the larger ground swell. 




Barrel Machine

Barrel Machine is a left-hander that only works in perfect alignment of Swell and Wind directions, it’s a high performance wave. In glassy or off-shore conditions 4 – 6 second barrels are manageable from the take off. Barrel Machine is a fun wave to surf, holds from2 – 6 feet and technically doesn’t get any bigger than this; becomes more hollow and round.